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Everyone is a valuable member of the company and we all work for a common goal.
If you have a passion for E-Commerce and Innovation, this is the right place for you.
We are always looking for new people with fresh ideas, that identifies with our values.

What we stand for

Team Work

We act as a team and we help each other. “Two heads thinking are better than one”.


We all work diligently to fill our roles effectively. If everyone is aligned, everyone succeeds.


Everyone is able to make their own choices and be responsible for their time.


Our goal is to achieve excellence in every project we do.


We aim for creative and game changing E-Commerce sollutions.


We give ourselves the room to reach our goals in the ways we seem fit and to help spark imagination and creativity.

The perks of working here

Flexible Hours

You, better than anyone else, know how to manage your schedule in the best way. We believe in Work-Life Balance.

Every equipment you need

You don’t have pc or headphones? You have nothing to worry about, we will give you every equipment you need.


We know beginnings can be complicated, but we always have someone who can help and guide you.

Fresh Fruit and Coffee

Skrey always has fresh fruit and coffee in the
office, as well as snacks.

Unlimited learning

Courses, workshops or anything that helps you learn
and improve your skills.

Hybrid Workspace

Local or remote.  It’s your choice to make.
We have people working from different continents.

Salary and Prizes

Here you can build a career. On top of Annual Salary Reviews, we offer annual prizes.

Ready to board with us?

Join us to create game changing E-Commerce experiences!

Let’s build the future of E-Commerce together! 

Send us your application!